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Press tour to the De-Occupied Territories

The Platform for the Release of Political Prisoners organized a Press Tour to the de-occupied territories, which took place from May 22-26, 2023

“Warring Chernihiv” route: destroying the civil infrastructure (hotels, stadiums, universities, hospitals, children’s kindergartens, ski base, sewing factory, houses), via aerial bombardment.
We’re visited all these places and talked to the local authorities about how the reconstruction process is going and the problems they are facing.
The village of Lukashivka – a destroyed church, where the headquarters of the occupiers
The main speaker is Dmytro Bryzhynskyi, the head of the defence of Chernihiv, the head of the Chernihiv MBA. He significantly contributes to the liberation and reoccupation of the northern region of Ukraine in the battles for Chernihiv. Check the link.

Reconstruction of Chernihiv Oblast: interview with the the governor of Chernihiv Oblast Vyacheslav Chaus
The village of Yahidne, where the Russians kept almost the entire population —more than 360 people, including children and older people—in the basement of the local school for nearly a month. You will have a chance to interview direct victims of this war episode.

Evstratiy Zorya - Meeting in the Mikhailovsky Zolotoverkhi Monastery