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Charitable foundation "PLATFORM FOR THE RELEASE OF POLITICAL PRISONERS" opends a new page of Ukrainian civil advocacy - Truth for Peace. This project aimed to rethink the consequences of the Russian-Ukrainian war as a common trauma between European peoples, citizens of Ukraine and the countries of the European Union, to build an objective EU information space regarding military actions in Ukraine, to document the crimes of the Moscow region against prisoners, and other issues, particularly those related to the deprivation and restriction of freedom, the deportation of civilians, and forced adoption.

Its implementation envisages holding during January-June 2023 on the territory of Ukraine and EU countries (France, the Czech Republic, Belgium) a complex of interrelated media and advocacy events for members of parliaments and governments, the public, representatives of the European mass media with the participation of ex-prisoners of war (Hero of Ukraine Volodymyr Zhemchugov), ex-political prisoners (Roman Sushchenko, Pavlo Hryb) and civilian hostages (Ihor Kozlovskyi).

To urgently make decisions in the EU member states regarding military, economic and social support to Ukraine, the participants will talk about their own experience of illegal imprisonment in the territory of the Russian Federation, ORDLO and the Autonomous Republic of Crimea. Examples will be demonstrated in their cases: violation of human rights by the security agencies of Russia and other power structures of its repressive machine; numerous crimes committed by the Russian army against the civilian population after February 24, 2022.

The project cooperates with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine, state and local self-government bodies and leading European public organizations – the Center for European Values on Security Policy (Czech Republic), the Association of Ukrainians of Belgium, and the Association of Ukrainians of France.

"Voices of the Occupation"

The project’s first phase involves the implementation of the “Voices of the Occupation” advocacy campaign (April – May 2023).
This campaign includes a week-long visit of the Fund’s Ukrainian delegation to the Czech Republic, Belgium and France. As part of the visit, several events will be held with key stakeholders: working meetings with representatives of state authorities, EU institutions, mass media, and representatives of the Ukrainian diaspora.

"Evacuation 2022"

To achieve more significant publicity in the press and among the local population of the countries mentioned above, a street performance in the performing arts genre “Evacuation 2022” will be implemented.

This non-conventional component is intended, due to its emotional impact, to arouse interest in the topic of mass violation of human rights, which can be qualified as crimes against humanity and genocide. The performance should evoke empathy for those Ukrainians who have found refuge in EU countries. This is a countermeasure to the campaign to discredit Ukrainian citizens seeking temporary asylum in the EU, a counter-response to the Russian war narrative.

Press Tour to the de-occupied territories

The second phase of the project involves a working visit to Ukraine (May 2023) of journalists, analysts and political scientists dealing with Eastern European issues from the Czech Republic, France and Belgium with the aim of objectively forming public opinion in Western countries and opposing information influence of Russia.
During a press tour of the Chernihiv region, reporters from leading European news agencies visited:
where the Russians kept almost the entire population —more than 360 people, including children and older people—in the basement of the local school for nearly a month. You will have a chance to interview direct victims of this war episode.
This village bore the brunt of the Russian offensive on Chernihiv, when the army surrounded the city at the beginning of the Ukrainian war. You will have the opportunity to interview the direct victims of this episode of the war.
You will be able to talk to Ukrainian soldiers who defended the region.
destroying the civil infrastructure (hotels, stadiums, universities, hospitals, children's kindergartens, ski base, sewing factory, houses), via aerial bombardment.

Media Forum, "How to talk about the War?"

In partnership with leading Ukrainian human rights non-governmental organizations, including:
● Center for Civil Liberties (Olexandra Matviychuk)
● ZMINA Human Rights Center (Tetyana Pechonchyk)
● Crimean human rights group (Olga Skrypnyk)
● Ukrainian Helsinki Union for Human Rights (Olexandr Pavlichenko)

The event will be streamed online for free to an audience of up to 40 people, as well as on Youtube and other social media channels to reach a wider audience.

Interview day

With former political prisoners, combatants and civilian hostages of Russia.

The project started in January 2023 and will continue until June 2023. It is an important component and expression of the general project activity of the Fund, which has been actively carried out since 2017. The “Truth for Peace” project complements the achievements of previous measures and will contribute to the fulfillment of the organization’s statutory tasks in new forms with the aim of impartial and objective coverage of events in Ukraine, as well as the formation of critical thinking of the European community in the conditions of Russian disinformation and propaganda, confirmation of the Ukrainian narrative about the Russian-Ukrainian war.


The Voices of occupation


Evacuation 2022


Press Tour to the de-occupied territories


Media Forum, "How to talk about the War?"


Interview day